6 Common Mistakes While Setting-Up Ecommerce Website – [Solved]

6 MIstakes While Creating Ecommerce

6 Common Mistakes While Setting-Up Ecommerce Website – [Solved]

The era of online shopping and e-commerce is expanding. If you belong to a millennial generation group (people who are born between 1981 to 1996) then you know that in your childhood days, you used to visit nearby grocery stores for purchasing items. Currently, even children are becoming familiar with the terms such as: e-commerce and online shopping.

  • Now, let me tell you that according to the official data published by Meticulous Research – the eCommerce market is expected to incorporate growth of $16,215 billion by the year 2027.
  • However, if you say that you are aware of the trend in e-commerce but still you are not getting traffic – then you may be making the below mistakes unknowingly.
  • So, check out my below article to figure out common errors that you are conducting in your e-Commerce website:

{Important message for you: you need to remember that the below-mentioned errors are easy to resolve but they are hard to identify}.

Common Mistakes while Setting Up an E-Commerce Website?Ecommerce Website Mistakes

#1: Spending less money on content marketing:

Content marketing is not only about writing huge paragraphs or explaining about the product benefits. Content marketing is entirely about catching or fascinating audiences to buy your product or services.

If you think that customers will not be going to read content on your website due to less attention time – then tell me why eCommerce giants are making efforts in contacting to qualified content writers. Let me tell you – to make your e-Commerce business as large as e-Commerce giants (for example:  Amazon) then you need to give your audience a specific reason to shop from your e-Commerce store.

So, with the help of content marketing, you can help your audience to understand your services and benefits in a better way.

#2: Adding too many pops-up to drive the sales

In my professional community, many e-Commerce website developers claim that adding pop-ups incorporates immense advantages – such as: it can increase email subscribers, drive sales and it can offer personalized on-site experiences.MIstakes While Creating Ecommerce Website

However, to achieve all these benefits it is important that you should be aware of below two points:

  1. To implement pop-ups at the right place.
  2. To generate pop-ups at a right time.

Many e-commerce website developers tend to implement many pop-ups because they think it will drive sales. However, in the end, they ended up making an adverse consumer journey.

I suggest you to consult with any best web design company in UK to get assistance in designing pop-ups, customizing styles, etc.

#3: Not identifying proper call-to-action:

Let me ask you a basic question – what is your motive behind designing a highly fascinating e-Commerce webpage?

I know your answer is to generate sales and earn profits.

Now, you need to understand that your expectations of earning profits can be ruined completely if you will not care about the proper placement of “call-to-action (CTA)”. Focusing on CTA helps you to convenience your audiences for clicking on certain links or buttons.

In order to rectify this problem, I am suggesting a few basic measures which can help you to implement proper CTAs:

  •  Conduct A/B testing.
  • Understand the emotions of your targeted audiences.
  • Make those buttons as CTAs which can create excitement among the targeted audiences.
  • Focusing on communicating values not on communicating selling messages.

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#4: Highlight your competitive advantages in a creative manner:

I noticed that many e-Commerce websites frequently showcase these types of statements:

#1: “We offer low-cost goods in the marketplace”.

#2: “We provide 100% quality assurance”.

#3: “We provide free shipping on all products”.

I am not saying that there are any mistakes in the above mention statements. However, you need to create a more personalized statement to showcase your competitive advantages. For example: instead of using above mention statements, you can replace them with the below suggestions:

#1: “Why us? We provide heavy discounts on our product ranges. For example: we sell “XYZ Product”” in AED100 while other online stores sells it at AED130”.

#2: “Our team members conduct 6-steps checks before sending any product for delivery. We make sure that our customers should get 100% quality products.

#3: We offer you a wide range of products and all products come with free shipping charges.

In order to accomplish maximum results, you can take an assistance from the digital marketing agency in UK.

#5: Complex navigations on the webpageWebsite Navigation Issues

To reduce the complexity in the webpage navigations – you are required to follow the below steps:

  1. If any user clicks on a product image then it should take users to the product page.
  2. Your users can also access your e-Commerce website on their mobile phones. So, make sure that your clickable button or navigation buttons should be large enough.

Backlinks should be placed carefully so that it will help you to promote the call-to-action aspects among the targeted audiences.

#6: Poor product photos or photos taking time to load

If you handle e-Commerce websites then I am sure that you understand about to use fascinating images or pictures. However, if your website’s images are getting too much time in loading then it will be going to lose the potential targeted audiences. To overcome this, you should focus on conducting frequent website tests to make sure that there should no server-side errors in loading images.

Now, a question may arise in your mind that if images are getting too much time in loading then there can be a few client-side errors also. For example: clients or visitors may have low internet connection speed.

Yes, it is possible and you can do nothing if the client uses low-speed internet.

However, you need to input your best efforts so that you can be sure that suffering side errors should not be deducted.


To gain success in the e-Commerce market, you are required to make sure that you should learn from other’s mistakes. To thrive long-term in this industry, you are required to overcome all the common mistakes which can create hindrances in your process.

In the e-Commerce website, you will need to cater to the various reviews of the client. As per my experience, you should not afraid of the negative reviews on your website. Instead, you should focus on constructive feedback measures.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q. What are the certain challenges of setting up an e-commerce website?

Ans: There are the following key challenges such as:

-Issue in customer retention.

-Issue in generating relevant leads.

-Failure in installing proper cyber security.

Q. What are the 4 key factors to consider for building an e-Commerce website?

Ans: For successfully building e-Commerce store, you are required to following below basic measures:

-Need to focus on bringing SEO traffic.

-Need to focus on generating leads through call-to-action (CTA).

-Focus on building trust through transparency.

-Identify your targeted audiences by conducting demographic tests – such as: make a list of age groups of your targeted audience, income-line, education factors, etc.

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