4 Common Website Designing Issues with Recommendations

Website Designing Issues

4 Common Website Designing Issues with Recommendations

Website designing incorporates different key challenges that should be addressed by the designer. For example:
A. Issues in creating an attractive UX design and making clients satisfied with the designs.

B. Difficulty in making a responsive design.

C. Difficulty in the integration of third-party functionality.

There are plenty of issues that frequently arise in front of website designers. Check out the below article to figure out ways to deal with those issues:

Top 4 Website Designing Issues

#1: Not making the website compatible with mobile uses:

According to the official data published by Google, around 50% of the traffic comes from mobile-based users. So, if you are a website designer and you are not designing your client’s website in mobile-compatible mode – then you are making a huge mistake. As far as innovation and user satisfaction are concerned, you should focus on making your webpage suitable in different mobile modes.

website designing

You need to understand that overcrowding webpages and unnecessary pop-ups create an adverse user experience. Many times, users cannot even find a navigation bar on the website due to overcrowded icons. So, in order to deliver a profound user experience, you should create a customized mobile application. You can take support from ecommerce website design UK.

#2: Your website isn’t designed with the target audience’s perspective in mind:

link between target audience and website designing

Whether you are a beginner in website designing or you are an experienced candidate in website designing – I am sure that you want to provide an enticing design to the website. Although, it is a great attribute to offer an enticing design to the clients. However, you need to ensure that your website should be designed by keeping the perspective of the targeted audience.

  • A complex-looking website may be impressed your client at the initial level but if it is not user-friendly then it will eventually result in the client’s escalation.
  • So, you need to make sure for designing a website by keeping the perspective of the targeted audience.
  • For example: please check the below image.

[Right-hand website design is more user-friendly as compared to the left-side website design]

website designing

#3: Adding videos that keep buffering for too long

Now, website designers and developers are adding videos about the following aspects –

  1. For creating awareness about the product or services.
  2. For the product testimony.
  3. Related to showcasing the benefits of products or services.

You need to ensure that your videos should load in a minimal time. For example: in reality, many web designers add 1440p or 2160p quality video to the webpage. Their purpose is to enhance the website’s outlook. However, when clients or visitors try to run those videos then it takes a lot of time to buffer which ruins the client’s experience.

[Below figure indicated about reduced tolerance rate of the viewers if a video showcases buffering]

video buffering

#4: Over emphasizes the UI and UX aspects

If you are a designer then I do not need to tell you about the importance of the – user interface and the user experience. However, many times designers try to give a fancy or fascinating look to the website which eventually results in – the overuse of UI and UX. So, make sure to focus on the proper use of UI and UX. by understanding the intent or purpose.

The final words

The website designing process cannot be completely understood overnight. As per my experience, to become a professional website designer you need to undertake a trial-and-error process in an effective way. All the above-identified mistakes can ruin your client’s satisfaction. So you need to showcase professional behavior by avoiding all the above mistakes.

In order to create a website that should be compatible with different devices as well as with the browser – you can search for a website development company in UK.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What are the major issues in website design?

  1. UX and UI-related issues.
  2. Mobile compatibility issues.
  3. Mobile browser-related issues.
  4. Web security-related issues.

What are the key attributes of a great website design?

  1. Your website should be well-designed.
  2. Your website should be mobile-optimized.
  3. It should clearly indicate a “call-to-action” (CTA).

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