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Ecommerce Website Development UK.

Your ecommerce store is not just a platform to sell products and services, but represents your brand value, vision and quality of service. Being the face of your company, your website has to look aesthetic, ready to serve, knowledge and user-friendly. Sothutners, is a renowned modern-day ecommerce development company in dubai that assures delivering the best ecommerce website design in dubai that your users are going to love.
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Ecommerce Development Process.



Magento is a favorite platform for various ecommerce store owners due to its uncountable features. Its extensions,product management system, content representation and UI/UX design etc. offers a variety of options to choose from for making your ecommerce store look unique and effective. Our developers at Softhunters ecommerce website development dubai are expert in Magento development whether it is the outdated Magento 1 or the latest Magento 2 based platform.


Another of our ecommerce web development dubai services is related to Woocommerce store development. Woocommerce is a popular name in ecommerce store development in today’s time because of its easy-to-manage, drag-and-drop CMS based development facility. Due to its user-friendly interface, many ecommerce businesses choose this platform. However, the initial setup and designing of an ecommerce store on this platform requires professional help for a fully optimized store setup.


Just like WordPress, Shopify is also gaining its place among the most preferred ecommerce store development platform where you can create and host an online store for your business. This is why Shopify is among our ecommerce web development dubai services because of its popularity and ease of use. A shopify store is effective in many ways for ecommerce businesses with features like quick setup, thousands of starter templates, international payment gateways and other tools for imegration that improves user experience.

Custom-Coded Website .

And if you are not planning a CMS based ecommerce website and rather prefer a custom-built ecommerce store, our developers at softhunters can do that too. Our ecommerce web design dubai services includes custom coded ecommerce websites which are fast and personalized. However, developing a custom-coded website is a time taking and hectic task, but our team of developers can easily handle all the design and development tasks with utmost efficiency.

Why Ecommerce websites? .

E-Commerce is becoming the majority preferred mode of shopping for several items in particular like electronics, grocery, and fashion etc. It presents a great opportunity for local producers and companies to expand their business and reach a wider audience.

An ecommerce store has a number of advantages to offer like:

  • Operate in a different location from one place itself.
  • No expenses for setting-up a brick and mortar store.
  • No additional staff required for managing business for different locations
  • Sell and deliver in other cities, states, and nations easily.
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Faq .

When it is about ecommerce websites, it has to be well-designed, fast, easy to navigate, and secure for the user. Every item or product in the store should be easy to find, reach and buy. At the same time, your ecommerce web design should be aesthetic and reflect the credibility and authenticity of your brand.
Every platform has its own features and interface, which is why it is crucial to choose the right platform for ecommerce web design in UK. In order to do this, you have to define and plan the features you want in your store. Our expert developers will familiarize you with all the technicalities, integrations, and functionalities you need to know before finalizing the platform for ecommerce development.
The first and foremost vital aspect of any ecommerce website is its appearance or design. The platform must appear compelling and attractive to the visitors. Secondly, it should be fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. Finally, the user’s personal data and payment modes should be safe and secure. Our ecommerce development company in UK ensures all these crucial aspects in your ecommerce store.
We have a team of professional developers who have an average experience of 6+ years in web development. And when you expect quality and the best solution, it’s the professionals only you can rely upon. Moreover, our ecommerce website development UK services include various other verticals than just design and development.
Our e-commerce web design UK technologies includes both programming and CMS specialties. We have expert developers in: HTML, CSS, Java, C++, Python, PHP, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Drupal, and many more. Clients can pick a technology of their choice, or they can choose the best suitable according to the project’s needs.
Definitely, you can get a custom ecommerce website developed as per your requirements. Our professional web developers have created more than a dozen of custom ecommerce stores for various brands with successful user responses.
We understand that your current ecommerce store needs major upgrades and changes with time. And sometimes, it is feasible to migrate it to another platform for better results and experience. Moreover, platforms like Magento 1 have also stopped their services and asked their users to migrate to Magento 2 itself. For the best part, our ecommerce website development UK services include platform migration, and our experts can help you with complete store migration.
There’s no fixed cost in web development as your project can vary from others in a lot of ways. Moreover, besides the development service cost, there are a lot of other expenses involved in the development like custom elements, payment gateway integration, APIs, and other 3rd party elements. But we will give you a free quote after the project discussion with a detailed cost plan so you can decide accordingly.
Starting an ecommerce business requires you to get a license first. Once you have a license to do online business in UK, you will need an ecommerce store established and hosted on your domain. If you plan to outsource the website development task, we are one of the most reliable and trusted firms among all ecommerce development companies in UK.
eCommerce development comprises building online websites and mobile app solutions that allow users to buy any company’s products or services online. The buyers will be able to place orders online, and their orders will be delivered to their doorsteps by the company itself. It also allows you to pay for the order online.

Through conversation, call, email, and Skype, we regularly keep you informed about the task’s status. Additionally, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project to help you better understand the undertaking’s success.

Indeed. Since the beginning, every website we have developed has been responsive to mobile devices. We ensure that the sites function on a range of screen sizes, from tablets and mobile phones to small and large desktop screens, using responsive design principles.

5 important requirements for e-commerce are:-

  • Multiple modes of Payment systems
  • Responsive ecommerce website
  • Latest and customizable themes and templates
  • Customer support 
  • Compatibility with Outside Apps

Only until we are aware of the size of your store and the platform and customizations you need will we be able to provide a fair time frame. Contact us. After evaluating the project, we’ll let you know the precise timetable for growing your e-commerce business. To give you a rough idea, it will take 3 to months.

Yes, we have a devoted group of QA experts and test engineers who thoroughly test the website you’re submitting for evaluation.

Your e-commerce website may be accessed by users using a variety of devices. It’s crucial that users have the same experience regardless of the device they’re using. Using responsive web design, your eCommerce website may provide consumers with the same experience whether they are using PCs, tablets, smartphones, or other devices to browse.

Our top priority is making sure your e-store is secure. We take several steps to increase the security of your website. Speak with us, and we’ll go over our thorough security audit service in detail

In recent years, consumer demands have shifted in favour of e-commerce. People have begun to rely heavily on mobile or eCommerce retailers. The top e-commerce website building firm has begun offering efficient and pertinent ways for customers and merchants to interact.

You can reach us by phoning the phone provided, texting us on any of our social media accounts, or filling out the website’s contact form so that we can get in touch with you.

You can fully personalise your website to meet your needs, for example, by integrating a CRM or adding a safe payment gateway. If you currently have a website, we can help you maintain it as the top ecommerce website development company in UK.

We provide the wireframe for the design of your website before beginning work on the server. So, if you want any adjustments, we can do them. However, adjustments are still necessary once the development is finished.

Yes, we do offer modifications, and the fee will be included in your final price. Or you may easily make the adjustments on your own if you are comfortable with the CMS.

Yes, we do train the owner of the business or website. in order for them to own all of the designs and rights to the websites.

We have greatly improved the ease of our gateways for anyone wishing to use our services for developing an e-commerce website. The following payment gateways are available:

  • RazorPay
  • Paypal
  • payU 
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