Steps To Make An Responsive Ecommerce Website – [Complete Guide]

Responsive Ecommerce Website

Steps To Make An Responsive Ecommerce Website – [Complete Guide]

Despite a wealth of recent research and conversation on the subject, some people are still unsure of the true advantages of responsive eCommerce websites. The data tracking the online shopping habits of Australian customers supports the existence of solid evidence.

To succeed as a business owner, it’s critical to stay on top of industry trends as well as changes in the behavior of your clientele.

If you want to keep up with or outperform the competition in the internet world, where things move quickly and online behavior can be tracked pretty readily, doing so is essential.

Before we dive into the ways to make a website responsive, let us understand the benefits of making a responsive eCommerce website. 

responsive ecommerce website

Benefits of Responsive Ecommerce Website 

  1. User-Friendly WebsiteOne of the best benefits of an e-commerce responsive website is that it makes the website user-friendly. When you make a website responsive, it becomes easy to access from the desktop as well as from mobile phones. 
  2. Easy To Maintain—It becomes easy to maintain a website by making it responsive to the users. If you don’t have a responsive website, you’ll have to build two versions of the same website, one is a desktop version, and the other is a mobile phone version. As a result, you may face hard times maintaining two different websites simultaneously. responsive ecommerce websites benefits
  3. Cost-Effective— Rather than building two different versions of the same website, you only need to build a single responsive website. Building a whole new website is not only difficult to maintain but also an unwanted added expense to the business. So creating a responsive website is very cost-effective, especially for eCommerce websites, because you won’t have to spend unwanted extra costs for the maintenance of the two websites. 
  4. Increase in Mobile Phone Users— Since the number of mobile phone users is much more than the number of desktop users, building a responsive website will help your website grow a lot. The users that are highly satisfied with the mobile experience on your website are most likely to come again to your website. 
  5. Increase the Speed of The Website— No matter how good your website is if the page loading speed of your website is slow. In that case, the visitors won’t stay on your website, and the chances of your website ranking at the top of the SERPs will be low. When you make a responsive website, the speed of the website increases automatically because the website becomes compatible with the screen you are working on. 

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Ways to create a Responsive Ecommerce website

Here are some easy steps for you by which you can make an awesome responsive eCommerce website:

  • Responsive Breakpoints:

Since a website is accessed from multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc., it becomes necessary that appropriate breakpoints should be set, so it becomes easy for the website to be responsive according to the size of the screen. A breakpoint is necessary because when a website is accessed from different devices, the pictures, texts, and content on the website get cut or distorted. In order to avoid such problems, appropriate breakpoints must be added to the website. The developers may use CSS or media query breakpoints; these breakpoints are predefined codes that let the website adjust the alignments, screen display, and accuracy of the layout. 

  • Fluid Grid for screen size:

Earlier, the websites were created by using pixel measurements. But nowadays, they are built by fluid grids. You can start with building websites with the help of fluid grids. A fluid grid helps your website to work according to the screen size it is opened on because a responsive grid is divided into columns, and it helps the website element proportionally rather than adjusting according to one specific size. Since fluid grids are divided into columns, the website does not have to display the content of the website according to the particular pixel size of the screen. The content of the website is adjusted according to the device. 

  • Compatibility with Touchscreen Devices:

Responsive ecommerce websiteThe touchscreen got popular after the year 2007 when the first mobile phone with a capacitive touchscreen LG Prada was released. Ever since, touchscreen devices have become so popular that from the screen of the mobile to the screen of the desktop, everything is touchscreen. You must keep in mind that the website is compatible with touchscreen devices. Using a website from a touchscreen is very different from using it on non-touchscreen devices because the cursor is very thin compared to the size of a finger. So sometimes, pressing a button or accessing a tab from touchscreens may be a difficult task, so a website must be created keeping that in mind. 

  • Typography:

The font size must be responsive so that it is easier to access the website from different screens. If you define the font size according to the pixels, the website won’t be able to work according to devices with different screen sizes. It is necessary to adjust typography so that it automatically gets adjusted according to the multiple devices. 

  • Themes and Layouts:

If you are not a designer yourself, you can take help by using predefined themes and layouts for that purpose. There are themes and layouts available that are responsive. Especially if you have a WordPress website, there are many free themes and layouts available for that purpose. Similarly, there are many leading eCommerce providers that provide such free themes and layouts. If you add responsive themes and layouts to your website, it will mean that now you only have to update the color, branding, and content on your website that is best for your business. 

  • Testing:

testing website

What most developers miss doing is testing. You must test the responsiveness of the website on a real device. If you don’t test the website, you might not know what you are missing. It is important to check how the website appears on a range of devices while implementing responsive design on the website. Try to verify how exactly the website will appear for the ultimate user. 



A responsive design of the website has become a necessity for all websites these days. You can either consult with an Experienced Ecommerce Development Company in UK or You can make your responsive eCommerce website by following the above steps. You may take help from the existing themes and layouts available on the website. After you have made your responsive eCommerce website, it is important that you test the website. If you test the website, you get to know what is missing and what should be added to the website. Testing your website will help you get to know how a website is going to look to the end user.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How do I make my eCommerce website responsive?

ANSWER: To make your eCommerce website responsive, you should use responsive images, a representative theme that helps your website to be vocal, use typography to add value to your website, and begin with a fluid grid. All these will help you to make a responsive eCommerce website.

How do I make my eCommerce website more interactive?

ANSWER: It’s important to have an interactive website to get feedback on your product/ service as well as your website. To be interactive, one should take the help of the polls, run surveys, blogs, and comment options under the blogs and articles, live chat plays a vital role, nowadays. Having a 1:1 session online builds a bond and trust between the website and users and your website will be called a responsive eCommerce website.

How important is responsive web design?

ANSWER: Your website’s content may flow smoothly across all screen sizes and resolutions with responsive design, and it will appear beautiful on all devices. Additionally, it eliminates the need to maintain separate websites for mobile and desktop users, saving you time, money, and effort. Having a responsive eCommerce website is very crucial in this digital era to be in the race.

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